Jul 13, 2010 · Just switched over to Cable from Access Communications Inc. using the ARRIS WTM552a telephony modem/router. The prior ISP allowed full access to configuration of the hardware via the web interface. I had mac address filtering, port forwarding, etc.. all in use & needed. Now with the change over it seems impossible to do any of that.

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Jun 16, 2005 · I bought a netgear wireless router with 4 port switch, I have sprint dsl and I know I have static Ip, but either I have really bad luck or my dsl modem is odd, because I can’t ever get into the router settings to change it to static ip, I’ve tried linksys aswell with the same if not worse results, any suggestions otherwise I’m just gonna ... Mar 18, 2015 · A Surfboard modem is not a router, so replacing it would not change the internal IPs for any of those devices or your internal network range. Those options should be greyed out on the modem because it's acting as a bridge between your ISP and your internal router, it has no IP address on your network (but does hold its own hard coded address of ...

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